Fareclock is a high-performance, secure and affordable time-tracking application that allows companies to perform more efficiently and therefore become more profitable.

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Fareclock Pro has the latest and best-performing instant facial recognition technology in the industry.

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Fareclock has the latest verification technology that helps ensure your company pays only for actual hours worked.

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App Features: everything you need in time-tracking software!

  • Cloud Technology
    Lower cost to install and maintain

    Because Fareclock is cloud-based no server, software installation or IP address is needed, resulting in a lower investment cost.

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  • Ends "Buddy Punching"
    Verified time-keeping and reporting

    Fareclock helps keep companies from losing money when employees give incorrect time and labor data, or enter hours for one another.

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  • Facial Recognition or PIN
    Secure authentication

    Fareclock's cloud-based employee time tracking system lets you select from two proven methods of employee time verification.

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  • Scalable
    For companies of all sizes.

    Fareclock employee time tracking service is nearly effortless to implement and makes it easy to add employees and clocks as your company grows.

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  • Optimized Security
    Data-protected Web infrastructure

    Fareclock uses a High Replication Datastore continuously backed up at a minimum of three separate data centers around the globe.

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  • Full Reporting
    Robust administration.

    Fareclock provides enhanced functionality and control for administrators.

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